About Us

A few words aboutĀ QISD


QISD was created on the guise of friendship. Friendship has guided us through the good and the bad and we are proud to say that QISD has become even stronger through the friendships that have been forged between ourselves and those around us.

Cameron Morgan


Transportation Director – Administration

Server Host

Nashawn Craig

03-12 Productions

Transportation Coordinator

XaZavia Porter


Transportation Director – Operations

Route Coordinator


Support Staff

Brandynn Robinson

Fleet Manager

Samuel Casto


Tyler May

Driver Trainer

The QISD Promise


We will always place the safety and security of our passengers, our employees, and our communities above all else. We will work collaboratively within our workplace, our business partnerships, and our community to improve the quality of life. We will strive to pursue new ideas that will bring value to those around us.