Welcome to Quantum Independent School District


Quantum Independent School District (QISD) is a fictional Rigs of Rods School System based in Quantum County, utilizing a map based on an entirely custom map based in Indiana. QISD was started in 2017 as a subsidiary of Quantum Gaming and over the years has grown to be the leader in school systems in Rigs of Rods. QISD is a wholly owned subsidiary of Quantum Gaming, one of the largest gaming organizations in Rigs of Rods.


Key Services Offered :

  • Safe Student Transportation to and from all schools in Quantum County
  • Opportunities for growth through character development and leadership opportunities
  • From bus tracking to Wi-Fi-enabled school buses, we bring 21st century connectivity to administration, students, and families.





Students Transported Per Day



Awards Won








Modern Fleet

Utilizing the newest buses, we ensure that our fleet is the most up to date it can be.

Parents and Communities

Community involvement is paramount to ensuring your student’s success.


Utilizing the latest standards and technology, our maintenance department ensures that all buses remain in tip-top shape.


QISD Management helps ensure the safety of the district as well as those around us.

Experienced Drivers

Drivers go through rigorous training before being allowed to drive children to and from school and other areas.

Environmental Impact

QISD is taking great strides in ensuring that our carbon footprint is at least 25% less than any nearby school district.

We Build Partnerships


Safety first. Because of that commitment, we’re twice as safe as the industry average.

Efficient Operations

Our streamlined data tools allow teams to identify efficiencies — optimizing school bus transportation.


From bus tracking to Wi-Fi-enabled school buses, we bring 21st-century connectivity to students and families


Frequently Asked Questions

What is QISD?

Quantum ISD [Q.I.S.D.] is a fictional Rigs of Rods school bus company roleplay. Members roleplay scenarios in which they do daily routes, field trips, mechanical issues, etc.

Why Should I Join QISD?

Since 2017, Quantum I.S.D. has proven to be the most active and most realistic bus company that Rigs of Rods has to offer. Members can expect to have an experience that is life-like, but also entertaining

When are routes?

We run routes Monday-Thursday from 7:00PM-8:00PM EST on a weekly basis. We have field trips once every other week on Friday

What positions are open?

We have both full time and sub positions open. Both full time and sub drivers are expected to be active as much as possible.

How old do I have to be to apply?

Due to Discord’s Terms of Service, the youngest age we can accept is 13. We expect all of our members to have a high level of maturity and experience no matter at what age

I’ve applied previously, but was denied. Can I reapply?

Yes – all applicants are expected to go through a rigorous interview to determine whether you will be accepted into Q.I.S.D. Please note that we can deny an interview if we feel necessary. Please also note that you may only apply ONCE a semester

I’ve applied! What happens now?

After you have applied, you will receive an email containing more information about Quantum I.S.D. and how to set up your interview.